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Network Integrity & CyberSecure IPS

Network Integrity Systems, the leader in network infrastructure security, equips classified U.S. Government networks with a cost effective, accredited, Centrally Managed Alarmed-Carrier Protected Distribution System (PDS) solution that simplifies IA management and enables organizations to complete their compliance checklist.

Our solutions are CNSSI 7003 (formally NSTISSI 7003) compliant, have received accreditation under the DISA Risk Management Framework (RMF), and unlike legacy methods, support the growing demand for connections to classified networks while offering cost savings, enhanced security and the situational awareness required in today’s environment.

NIS solutions have been deployed across the globe protecting U.S. government classified networks up to the TS/SCI level, including SIPRNet, JWICS, and in high threat level environments.

CyberSecure IPS is the world's first U.S. Government certified secure interactive infrastructure monitoring application designed specifically  to DETECT, PROTECT and SECURE government and commercial network critical infrastructures.

CyberSecure IPS gives network managers the ability to monitor and protect the physical security of their critical network infrastructures. CyberSecure IPS simplifies information assurance (IA) management, creates and manages site-specific compliant standard operating procedures and generates a unique case resolution audit trail.  CyberSecure IPS provides robust protection against critical infrastructure intrusion attempts and dispatches the appropriate first response teams in real-time.