Founded and incorporated in 1992, Bazon-Cox and Associates, Inc., (BaCo), has been at the forefront of the information technology revolution.  The company founder and owner, Mr. Anderson H. Cox, started the company with clear visions of a high technological company that would provide telecommunication engineering and technical support services to commercial and Government clients throughout the world.  Today, his visions have become a reality.  BaCo has established a reputation for high quality products and services worldwide.

BaCo is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business headquartered in Chesapeake, VA centrally located in the large military complex of Hampton Roads.  BaCo is ideally situated to remain firmly entrenched as a leader in the telecommunications industry.


Since its inception and incorporation BaCo has provided telecommunication system design, installation, and technical support services to a wide variety of commercial, city, state, and federal clients.  A sampling of our major clients include the Department of Defense (U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force), National Security Agency (NSA) Forensics Laboratory, Department of Justice (DOD) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Consolidated Personnel Management Service, Verizon Federal Systems, GTE South, Lucent Technologies (LGS), and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).


BaCo employs a full-time Building International Consulting Services Incorporated (BICSI) Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD), In addition, BaCo maintains a staff of BICSI certified Installers & technicians.  In addition to the BICSI training course, our technicians regularly receive manufacturer’s informal training on new products and installation techniques.


The measure of any organization responsible for the implementation of information technology resides in its ability to meet rapidly changing technology, which when properly applied, results in increased user efficiency and capability.  The foundation on which all information technology rests is the cabling infrastructure providing information distribution.  This is true whether it is switched voice, data, video, or video imagery.  Today’s systems are operating with increasing speed and capacity, resulting in greater demands on the cable infrastructure.  Technology has pushed the design and installation of cabling systems to the point where adherence to specific standards and guidelines are no longer optional.  Failure to meet standards often result in the failure of the system.  BaCo is the type of organization that can provide the centralized planning, design and installation technical support necessary to exploit new and existing technological applications.


BaCo provides information technology professional technical services throughout the United States and at overseas locations as well.  In support of Lucent Technologies under the vivid contract, we provided two teams of engineers and technicians who, in a 90-day period, conducted pre-installation site surveys in Europe, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Japan, Korea, and Guam.  The purpose of the site surveys was to:

  • Gather information pertaining to current WAN connectivity, outside plant, inside plant, software, PCs, VTCs, voice, security, and environmental impacts;
  • Gather Navy/Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI) seat management requirements;
  • Gather all information pertaining to planned and/or required IT infrastructure upgrades in support of operational mission needs; and
  • Interview command leadership in regards to personnel, building occupancy, number of unclass and classified PCs per building, and IT support in place with both US firms and local companies.

Our versatility and flexibility was evident in arranging visas, travel and housing arrangements.