Network Solutions

Bazon provides our customers with innovative solutions to handle their network, security, life safety, communications, and production needs.  Working with our technology partners we strive to provide systems tailored to each customer providing systems that perform the required functions and integrate in to existing and future needs. In our capacity as designers and integrators we fulfil current demands while providing our customers with solutions that support their growing needs and protect their investment in the future. Technologies have grown beyond the initial capacity to fill a single need. Now integrated solutions combine multiple networked systems to provide greater visibility and understanding of your use and needs.

Our network solutions provide the infrastructure to support any customer from small office to campus environments. Solutions that include high speed data or wide spread access based on your requirements.  Thru our commitment to codes and industry standards we support our customers with solutions that will perform to their needs throughout the systems lifetime.

Safety and security solutions are paramount in the protection of life and property. Thru our access control, intrusion detections, video surveillance, thread detection, and emergency notification systems we offer a multifaceted approach to your security and protection needs.  Additionally, our integrated solutions incorporate a unified overview and provide prompts for how to take action in event of a threat.

We all aim to communicate our thoughts and ideas with people around us. Whether communicating with a single person or crowds thru speech or visual aids we offer solutions to facilitate these actions.  Solutions like paging, intercom, meeting rooms, conference areas, display boards, mass notification, or stadium audio are included in our offering and integrate with the other offered solutions. Your need for real-time communication, productions content, local or global use can all be achieved. Bazon appreciatively presents our solutions to meet your networking, security, life safety, and communications needs.