Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Sytems

Bazon-Cox & Associates, Inc. can provide you with a CCTV System in either traditional Analog or an IP Based Video Surveillance System.

Camera systems are used for a variety of reasons. Bazon-Cox & Associates works with our customers to provide cost effective video solution to meet their needs with professional service and equipment. Solutions can include analog video, mega pixel video, and recording. Bazon-Cox & Associates works with a variety of manufacturers to provide customers with the best solution to meet their needs.

Access Control Systems

Bazon-Cox & Associates can provide systems to add additional levels of security to your building. Solutions can add physical security such as cards, keys, or biometrics. Solutions can also reduce the amount of physical security by using pin codes, bluetooth, or biometrics. Access control can add an additional level of tracking using audit trails to record when access was given or denied.

Some of the features of an Access Control System are:

  • Access Management
  • Badging
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Video Integrate

Intrusion Detection

Bazon-Cox & Associates can provide systems to protect persons and property from unauthorized entry. Solutions are designed to provide the best coverage, easy operation, and reduce false alarms. Systems can be integrated with other electronic systems for additional control and monitoring. Remote functions can be provided for additional levels of control and convenience.

Bazon-Cox & Associates Security System Specialists can design and install a system for all our clients needs whether it is:

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Door Security
  • Card Access System
  • Proximity Reader
  • Biometric Systems

Mass Notification

Life safety is evolving to include notificationto the public and employees with voice and text notifications. Mass notification can provide a simple way to notify large areas and large groups of people of emergency situations, directions, or any other announcements. A mass notification systems can be integrated with systems like paging, music, fire alarm, security, and other audio/video systems while providing a level of priority to the life safety system over others.

Public Broadcasting

Bazon-Cox & Associates can provide public broadcasting systems to alert, educate, and entertain the public. Systems can distribute cable TV, custom video, radio, music, announcements, or any number of audio/video formats. Public broadcasting can be simple as a digital display with scrolling ads and as advanced as a live distributed video feed to specific areas while others get a still image.

Fire Alarm

Bazon-Cox & Associates can provide a fire alarm system to meet or exceed all applicable codes and standards required in your area. Fire alarm systems are the standard for life safety. Early notification from fire alarm system and proper coverage give individuals the highest chance of safety from a fire. Fire alarm codes are ever evolving to adapt to changes in society and technologies. Fire alarms no longer monitor for only fire but can include gas monitoring and HVAC shutdown to prevent smoke from spreading in a building.


Bazon-Cox & Associates can provide installation, maintenance, design, quality assurance, testing, inspection, and monitoring services. Our professional and quality staff wors with each customer to provide the best solution for their needs.