Access Control

Bazon Cox provides our customers with custom design solution for their access control needs.  BaCo provides design, installation, service, maintenance, and upgrades to access control systems. Access control system are implemented to control access to not only a building but all areas of the property from parking, supply storage, critical infrastructure, public spaces, or personnel migration.  An access control system provides scalable access and higher levels on control vs traditional lock and key solutions.  Our design and installation practices are formed around the customer’s needs for control and reporting. BaCo works with national and international manufacturers (link to list below) to provide the latest in innovative and proven technology for access control equipment.  Our equipment offering allow a wide variety of options to the customer for access credentials from key fob, access cards, biometrics, and even facial recognition.  Integration from an access control system to other security system plays a key part in overall security allowing the user to get notification of unauthorized entry attempts, audit logs, and unsecure access points.  BaCo strives to provide usable features to each customer without impacting normal operation while providing a safe & secure environment for the customer’s personnel and property.