Bazon Cox provides our customers with custom design solution for their video surveillance needs.  Video surveillance systems provide the most key information of all security system to the user. BaCo provides design, installation, service, maintenance, and upgrades to analog and digital video surveillance systems. Careful assessment and design goes into each of our video surveillance solutions to provide quality video.  BaCo works with national and international manufacturers (link to list below) to provide the latest in innovative and proven technology for video surveillance equipment. Our installations are tailored to meet the installation environment and video needs for each project.  Installation goals include matching the existing aesthetics while providing the best video images and coverage.  BaCo provides service contracts to maintain customer systems at optimal working conditions and update features as developed by the manufacturers with the customer’s current product. BaCo works with quality camera and video recording manufacturers to provide complete video solutions for every application.  We offer a range of IP cameras using sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to reproduce what your eye sees or even what your eye cannot. Our comprehensive range of recording solutions cover small businesses with a single camera all the way up to large enterprise system operating several hundred cameras. We offer a variety of versatile and powerful Video Management solutions with added support and features to meet any application. We offer workstations and servers to meet the needs of the security industry’s most demanding digital video management applications.