Founded and incorporated in 1992, Bazon-Cox and Associates, Inc. has been at the forefront of the information technology revolution. Advances in technology for utilizing alarm carriers to protect and upgrade Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) has become a primary focus of BaCo. We have been able to successfully install new PDS systems or upgrade existing PDS systems that were either non-compliant, in need of an upgrade, or too costly to monitor and maintain. BaCo is a premier certified installer of both the Interceptor Alarmed PDS Hardware and the CyberSecure IMS monitoring software. We have extensive past performance and experience implementing end to end Alarmed PDS solutions for both inside and outside plant cable all over the globe.

BaCo’s proposed Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS solution meets all of the CNSSI 7003 requirements for secure PDS raceways, alarm notification, and alarm response times. Our end-to-end Alarmed PDS solution includes Interceptor alarming units, CyberSecure IMS management software, StopLight optical protection panel data shut-off, and Fiber Forensics technology which have been reviewed and approved by the Army Certified Tempest Authority on several occasions. The solution eliminates the need for epoxy on all PDS raceways, the need for daily inspections, and gives the customer the ability to manage their entire secured infrastructure from a central location. The Alarmed PDS solution also allows access to all non-open Secret storage areas for non U.S. Secret cleared individuals often alleviating the need for escorts.

Bazon-Cox and Associates is dedicated to supporting the U.S. mission to secure classified data infrastructures and strives to ensure that U.S. Army has the highest quality secured communications networks in the world.